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Sylvia Frank

"You wouldn't know to look at me, but I was an amazing dancer. Really, I was."
- Sylvia

"Roger's impossible. He wants to get rid of everything. He even complains that I still wear my wedding ring. Oh, but I watch him like a hawk. And when he leaves, I go through the trash and rescue things. Important things. Like this napkin for instance."
- Frank

Jesse Valentino1 Martha1

"You just never know what random thing life will throw your way. The craziest thing happened to me and it changed my world."
- Jesse

"Personally, I think you should be dating. Pretty lady like you. It's not good to be alone for so long. You should be out in the world. Be connected to people, to life. Being connected is good for the soul."
- Valentino

"Let me tell you something Frank. Happiness is just like everything else. Haven't you learned that by now? It don't last. You got to keep making it."
- Martha

Edward MentalCreatures

"Yes I am (Edward). I hope I'm not late. I forgot my watch."
- Edward

"We're mental creatures, wondering why we're here, thinking our lives away..."
- The Narrator