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"Playwright-performer Jay Jacobson creates a trio of beautifully rendered characters in his very reflective solo show, Mental Creatures, at the Lounge in Hollywood.  Scenes of her (Sylvia's) blind dates, in which Jacobson portrays all parties, are among the highlights of this tender show. His performance is born of integrity.... GO"

- Steven Leigh Morris, L.A.Weekly

"Jay Jacobson gives a touching performance from his original one-man play titled Mental Creatures. He unites his acting talent with thoughtful writing to create a witty, yet moving experience. Jacobson also breaks out into song between certain scenes. They provide a nice backdrop to the story with lyrics that reinforce Jacobson’s themes in the play. Their content advises us that we should let go of the past and that life is to be appreciated rather than scorned. The amazing thing about Jacobson’s play is its ability to affect the audience. My uncle with whom I attended the play said to me, 'I will never forget that performance for the rest of my life.' And, during a tender scene where Jacobson was acting as Frank, a woman in front of us burst into tears for minutes. I know there were a few scenes where I had the sensation of my heart stirring with sympathy for Jacobson’s anguished characters. I think it is Jacobson’s willingness to honestly confront the sorrows in life that gives his play its emotionally tender quality. A lot of entertainment I see either portrays drama with bells and whistles or creates stereotypical characters that we plaster generic feelings onto. Jacobson delves deeper producing characters that are fresh, subtle and intimate; thereby achieving the capability to touch many people’s hearts and minds.

This play offers an all-encompassing experience. You will be touched by the depth of the characters, laugh at Jacobson’s entertaining talent, be asked to consider the sincerity of play’s message, and, you get to listen to a little music too.

- Jack Doehring, Life in L.A.

"Jay Jacobson fills his one-man show with a cast as complex and fun as the story. Mental Creatures is storytelling at its best. It touches the audience deeply and uses gentle humor to disarm them and open them to the possibilities of personal change. The musical score is an additional treat that adds depth to the experience."

- Polo Munoz, Latino Weekly

"Commonalities of the human experience take center stage in Mental Creatures: As a writer, Jacobson possesses a good ear for the ordinary; his characters, whose lives are anything but extraordinary, are strongly relatable. Jacobson is reminding us that a trajectory is played out in the commonplace lives of us all: dreams, hopes, desires, expectations, and opportunities turn to wisdom, resignation and acceptance. The script certainly succeeds in its goal of illuminating the common threads that hold us all together.

As a performer, he is a gifted mimic who convincingly brings his creations to life. He effortlessly shifts from character to character often playing two parts simultaneously—in essence, having a conversation with himself. The tunes, sung to tracks, are all catchy (I left the theater humming “Human Nature”).

As one-man shows go, Mental Creatures is a step above the rest. Billed as a dramedy, it’s an entertaining theatrical experience that invites the audience to look at all we have in common. Or as the song from the show says, “I am you and you are me."

- Tom Chaits, Stage and Cinema